Stinky Trash Can? 5 Methods To Freshen It Up!

There’s nothing better than enjoying a tidy and pristine home; however, unpleasant odors are an invisible bother that can ruin the mood. If your nose follows the trail, chances are you’ll make a stop at the trash can, but not because of the garbage odor, but the can itself.

At this point, you might have realized that taking out the garbage is not enough. But it’s not too late; you can avoid your trash can from stinking up your home. Here are five methods you can try right now to remove odors from your trash can.

Method #1: Kitten litter

Not only does it freshen up the cat’s box, but litter also acts by attracting moisture and preventing musty smells, so it’s helpful in trash cans. Throw in a scoop of kitten litter to the bottom of the can.

There isn’t much difference in quality between brands, but if you own a cat and want to save cash, use the better litter for your pet and the cheap stuff for the trash can. A good rule of thumb says it’s ok to change the litter every week, but if you see it’s already damp, do it right away.

Method #2: Dryer sheets

For your laundry, dryer sheets prevent static, soften the fabric, and even add scents. It also works wonders by catching odors, so it’s perfect for your trash can and occupies no space.

To freshen up the trash can, leave one or two dryer sheets at the bottom but make sure they’re under the bag and not inside it. Replace the sheets every time you exchange trash bags, so the fragrance keeps going.

Method #3: Baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent choice if you need something to neutralize odors. Sprinkle a handful of powder in the can, and you’ll have a fresh trash bin in a couple of hours.

And that’s not all; baking soda is also a powerful cleaner. If your trash can has weeks of food residue and hardened gunk, you can make a cleaning paste by adding water. Grab a brush and start scrubbing! Clean your outdoor trash can while you’re at it.

Method #4: Scented cotton balls

Don’t settle with an odorless can; add enjoyable aromas! Dip cotton balls in vanilla extract for a sweet smell, and leave them under your trash bag. You can also add drops of your favorite essential oils. Lemongrass oil is great for balancing odors while adding a citrus smell.

Method #5: Coffee beans

If you love the scent of the morning grind, this method doubles as odor absorbent and adds the aroma you enjoy from coffee. If you don’t want to waste your coffee, used grounds will work.

Like baking soda, coffee grounds act like a magnet attracting odor molecules and evens out the smell while adding its characteristic coffee smell to your trash can.

Prevent more odors by keeping your home clean

Constant cleaning is a great way to keep odors at bay, so why not hire a home cleaning service? At BlueSpring Cleaning, we have a detailed checklist to ensure your home is spotless!

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