Overlooked Areas When Cleaning

7 Often Overlooked Areas When Cleaning

No matter how hard you try, there might be some tricky nooks and crannies that escape your cleaning efforts. Wondering which ones you could be missing? Here are seven spots homeowners often forget to clean the most!

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How To Clean A Dirty Mop Quickly

If you’ve started to notice that your floors aren’t as clean after mopping or there’s a stinky smell coming from your trusty mop, it’s time to clean it! However, a simple rinse is not always enough. Here, you’ll learn how to wash your mop so it’s truly clean for your next mopping session! Step #1.

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Benefits of microfiber cloths

6 Benefits Of Cleaning With Microfiber Cloths

If you’re looking to make your cleaning routine easier, you should consider using microfiber cloths for your daily chores. These little wonders are designed to excel at many cleaning tasks that go from wiping to helping you with spills. Take a look at the main benefits they can bring!

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How Often Should You Vacuum Your House

How Often Should You Vacuum Your House To Keep It Dust-Free?

Although it might seem that vacuuming your home doesn’t require much thought, knowing the right frequency with which you need to vacuum makes a lot of difference. It’ll save you from unnecessary vacuuming sessions down the road and help you keep your home clean for longer. That being said, not every corner of your house

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7 Tips To Keep A Dust-free House

Tired of constantly battling dust bunnies at home? We’ve got your back with some simple yet effective tips to keep your space dust-free and pristine. Dive into our infographic to uncover the secrets to a cleaner, fresher living space!

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How To Get Rid Of Different Stubborn Stains

Whether you stumble upon them on your furniture or they’re embedded in your clothes, battling stains is no fun. Even less when they are the stubborn type, as those stains need unique methods or an extra bit of time and effort to remove them. For those times when the regular soap just won’t do the

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How To Clean Your Bathtub In 5 Easy Steps!

Bathtubs can go through a lot—bubble baths, showers, and perhaps the occasional hair dye experiment. Sooner or later, your tub will need a cleaning session. Wondering where to start? Is soap enough? We’re here to guide you through all those burning questions so you can soak in a blissful bath in a squeaky-clean tub. Step

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How To Clean Your TV To Leave It Free Of Smudges

While older tube TV screens might be fine with some water and a cloth, modern TVs need a different approach to leave them streakless and avoid unwanted results (like damaging them!). In this infographic, we share with you various simple yet effective cleaning tips to achieve a streak-free picture without a problem!

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