How To Keep Floors Clean With Dogs At Home: 6 Pawesome Tips

With all their affection and antics, living with dogs at home is a blast. However, keeping those floors neat amidst the loose hair and paw art is such a challenge! Here, you’ll find some clever tips to keep your floors on point regardless of how much time your dog spends inside!

Tip #1. Clean your dog’s paws before walking inside

Usually, taking a walk brings dirt back home! Set up a designated paw-cleaning station by your entryway to clean your furry buddy’s paws after returning from the great outdoors.

Have your dog wait before entering your home while you gently wipe their paws with a damp cloth or a paw-cleaning brush (no alcohol-based wipes, please!). This simple move nixes the dirt they might drag inside, keeping both your floors intact and your mind stress-free.

Tip #2. Rely on pet-friendly doormats

If you can’t always control when your dog enters your home (due to doggy doors, for example), it can be harder to prevent their dirty paws from leaving smudges everywhere. Luckily, doormats can save you much of the hassle!

Place pet-friendly doormats on every entry point your fur buddies frequent to lower the amount of dirt being dragged around. Choose the kind of mat that fits both your needs and your dog’s peculiarities—you can find super absorbent, dirt-trapping, or snuggly high-piled ones!

Tip #3. Don’t skip your dog’s grooming sessions

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it is as effective as no other. Beyond making your hairy buddy look more handsome, regularly grooming your dog greatly lowers the amount of hair on your floors.

By giving your dog some well-deserved grooming every now and then, you control when and where their dirty fur falls off—a spiffy pooch results in a neat-looking place!

Pro-tip: Place a blanket on the floor when grooming your dog for easier pickup.

Tip #4. Strategically place washable rugs in your home

Always be one step ahead of your dog and place washable rugs around their hangout zones. Besides working as a protective shield against spills, scratches, and “oopsie!” moments, these items give your spaces a revamped look—plus, they’re easy to clean!

Tip #5. Wash your dog’s belongings

Remember that dog toys, beds, and blankets can accumulate nasty stuff like dirty hair and smelly bits that can eventually end up on your floors. Give them a good clean or toss them into the washing machine regularly—happy dog and spotless floors!

Tip #6. Step up your cleaning routine

Depending on your doggy’s antics, floor type, rugs, and your own schedule, you can cook up a cleaning routine that fits everything. Do you have wooden or tile floors? A weekly sweep or vacuum should do it—or daily if your furry friends shed a lot.

Treat your floors to a nice mop-down once a week to keep them neat. On the other hand, if you have carpets on deck, amp up the vacuum sessions with the occasional deep dive to tackle those clingy pet hair and odors.

Give the rest of your house the attention it deserves!

With dogs at home, your home’s crucial cleaning needs go beyond the floors—they extend everywhere! Got no time for a full-scale cleaning? BlueSpring Cleaning offers house cleaning services that guarantee your home will look sparkling clean. Get your instant quote today!

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