How Is Your Cleaning Motivation? Boost it With These 5 Tips!

Experienced housekeepers know that the drive to clean doesn’t always come naturally. We all need a little boost of cleaning motivation every now and then. Let’s face it, most of us tidy up our homes because we want a clean and organized living space, not because we find joy in the act of cleaning itself. The good news is that there are simple ways to ignite that cleaning spark within you. In this article, we’ll explore five effective tips that can help you raise your cleaning motivation to new heights! So, let’s dive in and discover how you can make cleaning a breeze.

Tip #1. Write down each task of your cleaning routine

Why it works: Organizing all you need to do can motivate you! Sometimes, lack of motivation and procrastination comes from fuzzy tasks and goals. It might be your case if you feel overwhelmed by all the cleaning chores you need to do. 

What to do: The easiest way to get on track when overwhelmed by mess is by writing down everything you need to do. Break down all your cleaning chores into smaller tasks. You can even make a checklist and cross out each item as you clean your home.

Tip #2. Set a cleaning timer (but avoid smartphones!)

Why it works: If you are easily distracted, your mind will hardly focus on bored and repetitive tasks such as cleaning. However, what would happen if you set a clear line between your “cleaning time” and off-time? A timer can help you focus on your chores.

What to do: You just need a timer! However, it’s better to use an old-school device instead of your smartphone’s timer. According to Kaspersky, smartphones are great distractors—having yours near can make you hesitate to tackle your chores.

Tip #3. Start with a quick decluttering session

Why it works: All the stuff scattered around your home creates additional surfaces that can catch dust. For some people, the more things that need cleaning, the less motivated they’ll be to start with the chores. 

What to do: Sort out the clutter or throw all those things that don’t serve you anymore. You don’t need to declutter your entire home at once. Even a short decluttering session can help you concentrate and motivate yourself to clean.

Tip #4. Give yourself a reward for cleaning

Why it works: This is perhaps the most straightforward way to improve your cleaning motivation. A well-planned reward is always effective, even if it comes from yourself!

What to do: First, choose something that you love. It could be a meal, a TV show, or any other treat. Then, define the tasks you need to do to achieve your reward. Think about what awaits you every time you feel low on cleaning motivation.

Tip #5. Spice the cleaning chores up with some music

Why it works: As mentioned above, most cleaning tasks are straightforward and repetitive. Sounds boring, right? But what if you do something else while cleaning? 

Music is the perfect pair for cleaning for two simple reasons:

What to do: You can create a cleaning playlist. Upbeat music is your best option to lift your spirits. However, it’s enough to play the music you love to keep you motivated.

Take a break from cleaning chores!

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