Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Cleaning Service

Many homeowners rely on professional cleaners to make their homes clean and a healthy place to live. But there are many cleaning services out there, and you need to be cautious to avoid low-quality services. BlueSpring Cleaning is a top-notch cleaning company. Our professionalism, consistency, and safety practices are some of the reasons why we are one of the top cleaning companies in Colorado.

Hire The Best Cleaning Service

Professional cleaners don’t just mop the exposed parts of a room and wipe a few stains off the table. They provide extensive cleaning services that include dusting and cleaning surfaces, vacuuming and scrubbing floors, and taking the trash out. And so, you need to make sure that the cleaners are reliable. The following are some of the things to consider before hiring a house cleaning service.

1. Have The Cleaners Undergone Security Checks?

House cleaning is an intimate activity. The cleaners move from room to room as they make your house spotless. But since cleaners can access your items, you have the right to question whether they are trustworthy. Quality cleaning services usually require cleaners to undertake background checks. Background checks help determine whether anyone has a criminal past. If someone has a criminal record or an arrest warrant, you certainly wouldn’t want them to come to your house. And so, always ensure that you partner with a cleaning service whose cleaners have undergone background checks.

2. Are The Cleaners Trained?

Most people have the notion that cleaning is the easiest activity known to man. That somehow, one doesn’t need to be trained to be able to clean excellently. They are wrong. You need to prioritize a cleaning service whose cleaners have received professional training. For one, it helps with maintaining safety. The cleaners need to use cleaning methods that won’t cause damage to the house, other cleaners, or themselves. Training also helps them to identify potential hazards and avoid causing health problems. Additionally, it helps them efficiently execute their work, and achieve the desired results within the expected time.

3. Does The Cleaning Service Provide Cleaning Equipment And Supplies?

You don’t want to hire a cleaning service, only for the cleaners to show up empty-handed and ask that you provide the cleaning equipment and supplies. Quality cleaning companies provide cleaning supplies and equipment like protective gear, detergents, disinfectants, brushes, and buckets. Quality cleaning companies typically use supplies from established brands, and this shows their commitment to achieving outstanding results. From a homeowner’s perspective, when you hire a cleaning service, you don’t expect them to turn around and ask for cleaning supplies. You want them to just focus on the cleaning task and make your house spotless.

4. Does The Service Have A Good Reputation?

If a cleaning company has been around for enough time, the company already has a reputation. And so, when looking to hire a cleaning company, you need to start by asking your friends and relations whether they are aware of any quality cleaning service. They can make a recommendation based on their experiences. If there’s no one in your circle to make a recommendation, you can go online and check to see whether there are any recommended services. Once you find a cleaning company, you can check the customer reviews to see what percentage of customers are happy with the services. If you find that a huge percentage of previous customers have left stinging reviews and that the company has a low rating, you need to forget them and look for another company.

5. Does The Cost Equal The Service?

At the end of the day, cleaning services are out to make a profit, but it’s your responsibility to avoid getting duped. This is not to say that you should go for companies that charge the least, because their services might be wanting. But you should aim at hiring a cleaning service whose cost matches the value. Cleaning companies usually make estimates before embarking on the job. You may check out a couple of cleaning services and evaluate their efficiency before settling on one cleaning service that you consider most ideal.

6. Does The Cleaning Service Have Excellent Communication?

You can almost predict whether a cleaning service is reliable or not based on the quality of their communication. Do they leave you out in the cold when you ask an urgent question only to reply dismissively later? Do they not have a structure, so you cannot know whom to contact when you need to resolve an issue? Are their representatives disrespectful, hostile, or lack decency? If you come across a cleaning service whose communication is wanting, you need to sidestep them. Quality cleaning services care about forming an excellent communication team that handles various issues.

7. Is The Cleaning Company Insured?

You have worked hard to buy the various items in your house. But what if the cleaner knocks down the TV and it falls apart? What if your expensive mugs shatter on the floor? It means you have gotten into a loss. Quality cleaning services buy liability coverage. If an item is damaged during cleaning, a claim can be filed, and you would get compensated. But then, not every cleaning service out there is insured, and hiring such companies would be taking a risk, sometimes a big risk if the cleaners come into contact with pricey items.

8. What Is Their Employee Turnover?

You can tell whether a cleaning service is reliable or not by the rate of employee turnover. Granted, cleaning jobs are not the most stable jobs out there, but if a cleaning company keeps having new faces over a short time, that’s a red flag. It might mean that they can’t afford trained cleaners, and are forced to hire anybody that wants a job.

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Quality house cleaning is essential for your comfort and health. But you need to hire a trusted cleaning service to achieve good results. If you’re looking for an excellent cleaning company, check out Bluespring Cleaning: https://bluespringcleaning.com/

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