7 Tips To Keep Dust Out Of Your Home

Sparkling clean homes know that dust is the arch-nemesis of a tidy and healthy living space. It has a way of sneaking in from every nook and cranny, making the task of eliminating it a constant challenge. However, fear not, for there are effective strategies to not only prevent but also minimize the occurrence of this pesky intruder. While complete eradication may be impossible, these seven invaluable tips will empower you to significantly reduce dust in your home. Get ready to breathe easier and enjoy a cleaner, healthier living environment.

Why is dust such a big deal?

Dust comprises several different particles: dead skin cells, dirt, pollen, etc. That combination is often the cause of allergies and asthma. Also, dust can carry germs and viruses, putting your household at risk of infection.

Even if you can’t eliminate dust, reducing it improves air quality in your surroundings, resulting in a better quality of life.

Tips to reduce dust in your home

These tips are handy to reduce the amount of dust entering and lingering in your house. Put them into practice, and soon you’ll see results.

1. Rely on your vacuum cleaner

Many homeowners sweep the floors in an attempt to reduce indoor dust. However, a broom is not always the best option, as it spreads the dirt rather than trapping it; it is better to use a vacuum cleaner.

Note: Vacuum common areas two or three times a week. For the rest, you can dust weekly.

2. Use an air purifier

If you like to open your windows regularly, put an air purifier close to them. The purifier will catch any incoming dust particles and help free the air from contaminants. It is the best option if you suffer from allergies, as its filter catches particles like pollen.

3. Doormats are your allies

A significant percentage of dust comes from outside. A simple way to prevent it from entering your house is by putting a doormat to clean your soles before crossing the door.

Don’t forget to wash it bi-weekly to prevent dirt build-up.

4. Improve your dusting method

A top-to-bottom dusting makes the difference when removing dust from your knick-knacks and furnishings. All the dirt will fall on the floor, and you can pick it up with your vacuum cleaner.

5. Declutter

Dust tends to build up in cluttered spaces. Even if you don’t have that many items scattered around, organizing your things can make a difference. The more stuff you store or throw away, the fewer surfaces to gather dust.

6. Wash your bedding

People spend roughly eight hours a day in bed, so a huge amount of dead skin cells might end up here. As if it wasn’t enough trouble, dead cells can attract dust mites, which are microscopic pests that also contribute to dust. Disgusting, right?

Wash your pillows and sheets once a week to prevent it.

7. Replace the carpets

Carpets trap an insane amount of dirt, and every time you take a step on them, dust is liberated into the air. Maybe it sounds extreme, but getting rid of rugs might be the best option to keep your house dust-free.

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