6 Tips To Keep A Clean Home While You Work Full-time

Juggling between free time, a demanding job, and keeping your home clean seems impossible—there are just so many tasks to get done!

How can you stay on top of your chores without getting overwhelmed? Below, you’ll find a few habits you can implement right away to keep your home clean even with a busy work schedule!

Tip #1. Make use of time between tasks

You might think keeping your place looking good demands marathon cleaning sessions. Not necessarily! You can toss in quick cleaning spurts between activities and still end up with a gleaming home over time.

Swipe surfaces post-dinner or breeze through dusting your window sills while food is ready. No need to do everything in one day; assign different tasks to different days, and you’ll hit your stride without drowning in chores.

Tip #2. Keep your cleaning tools handy

Save time by stashing your cleaning arsenal in a designated spot, like a storage closet. Additionally, you can put your cleaners where they’re needed most, like stashing the toilet cleaner under the bathroom sink—when time is short, every minute counts!

No more scavenger hunts for supplies means better use of your available time and less stress. And remember to stay ahead in the supply game—hit the store before you run out.

Tip #3. Reserve weekends for the heavy lifting

Don’t burn out on the weekdays; leave the heavy-duty tasks for the weekends! First things first, map out a cleaning strategy to sort tasks by time or difficulty. This way, you won’t scramble to find time during the week and can save your energy for the weekends.

Tip #4. Embrace technology for backup

With a busy schedule, it’s easy to let a few things slip through the cracks. But you can make your chores more manageable by leaning on technology. Grab your phone and download cleaning apps packed with schedules, checklists, and reminders.

Tech is also present in cleaning products. Consider getting tools like an automatic vacuum cleaner to save time. Not so keen on spending that much? Opt for quality tools like brooms or specialized cleaners!

Tip #5. Join forces for a better cleanup

Taking on cleaning duties as a team cuts down the time and effort needed! Sit down with your family or roommates and craft a cleaning schedule together so everyone pulls their weight. By creating a plan together, you ensure everybody feels more committed!

Pro-tip: Flying solo? Throw a cleaning party; you’ll end up with a cleaner space, and you and your pals can relax afterward.

Tip #6. Put self-care at the top

While a spotless home is the goal of every homeowner, it’s important not to jeopardize your health in the pursuit. Aiming for a perfectly pristine house every single day isn’t practical or sustainable. Every home gets a bit chaotic from time to time.

If you go all out for an immaculate home at any cost, you’ll end up drained and stressed. Find that sweet spot that keeps your home tidy and clean while still leaving enough juice to enjoy your downtime!

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