6 Helpful Tips For Teaching A Child To Clean Their Room

While it will take time and effort, teaching your child how to clean and organize their room will pay off in many ways. The earlier you teach them to clean, the better for both of you, but it’s never late to begin. 

Don’t know how? Here are five tips you can get started with.

Tip #1. Considering your child’s age

Some parents prefer to clean everything themselves rather than delegate this work to their children since the process will be faster. However, involving your child in the room cleaning from an early age is preferable to instill healthy habits in them. 

For example, you could start tidying your kid’s room in front of them even at an early age so they can learn. Cleaning can be done with children as young as five years old. Allow children to progressively gain responsibility as they get older while continuing to lend a helping hand when necessary.

Tip #2. It is never too late to begin

What if your children are older? It’s possible that you were too busy to carry them along when they were younger or that they didn’t catch on sooner. In any case, it is not too late. Instead of doing it for them, establish a consistent cleaning schedule to help them get used to it.

Tip #3. Get them plenty of storage containers

It is much easier for children to tidy up when they know where everything should be. Provide them with either baskets or transparent boxes that are neither too large nor too heavy to handle easily. You can also use a stick-on label to designate each box to a specific category: one for toys, one for books, and so on.

Tip #4. Plan the tasks from your child’s perspective

It is also essential to understand that your children may be way smaller than you. Start by kneeling to put yourself at their height; you will then see better which storage spaces are difficult for them to access. Make sure the drawers can be opened easily. Also, you should install cloth hooks of their height so that they can hang their vest or bag when they return from school.

Tip #5. Make cleaning fun for your kids

If you present tidying up as a chore or a threat of punishment, it’s normal that your child would not show much enthusiasm. How about transforming cleaning into a moment of play and sharing? You can, for example, offer to tidy up while they listen to their favorite music or play the game of who can put away the stuffed animals the fastest by setting a timer, etc.

Tip #6. Create a routine

A list of things to do each day will go a long way, and another with things to do on weekends, Saturday morning, for example. You can print out your list and hang it in their room so they can more easily remember what to do.

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