6 Cleaning Mistakes That Can Frustrate Your Cleaning Efforts

One-time cleaning services understand the frustration that comes with dust invading the tranquility of a pristine home. This unwelcome guest finds its way into every crevice, posing a constant challenge to our cleaning efforts. But fret not, for there are effective strategies to not only prevent but also minimize its stubborn presence. While completely eradicating dust may be an elusive goal, these six insightful tips will equip you with the knowledge to avoid common cleaning mistakes that can hinder your efforts. Prepare to embrace a cleaner, healthier living environment and bid farewell to dust-induced frustrations.

Cleaning in the Wrong Order

When you consider cleaning your home, it is best to approach the task after a cleaning plan has been drawn. Cleaning your home in the wrong order can frustrate your efforts and leave you feeling upset. Most people are aware of the top to bottom cleaning rule. That is, begin from the top and work your way to the floor. However, this is not the only rule to keep in mind when tackling a whole-room cleaning project.

For instance, following the top to bottom rule, most people will start by cleaning their windows and curtains and then cleaning the counters and cabinets followed by the floor. The entire cleaning process is rounded up with an air freshener spray to keep the room fresh and inviting. While this progression may appear correct, it is, in fact, the opposite. The final spray, although essential, will leave a sticky residue on your surfaces, thus attracting dust and dirt easily. By following this progression, you are creating more dirt problems for yourself.

The correct way to approach such a cleaning project will be to spray the room right before cleaning or in the middle of the task. Doing this allows the spray particles to settle on the surfaces well before they are wiped. The room will still smell and feel fresh while you would have prevented the usual problem.

Diluting Ready-To-Use Cleaners

Many property owners are obsessed with saving money. While this may be a financially wise decision, sometimes, it isn’t. Diluting your ready-to-use cleaning agent to save money and extend its use is counterproductive. By diluting the cleaning agent, you have successfully watered its effectiveness. This means that you will use more of the cleaner on surfaces to get squeaky clean results. Not only will you be using more of the cleaner, but you will also lose time cleaning and recleaning the surface. A better approach to this will be to purchase commercial concentrated cleaning products that can be diluted in a diffuser. The diffuser helps you to save cleaning products while also delivering excellent cleaning results.

Not Cleaning Your Window Screens

Many people often blame the rain for the dirt tracks and spots on their window screens. However, this isn’t entirely true. Forgetting to clean the window screens during each round of home cleaning is the major cause of the problem. When you forget to clean your window screen, dirt settles and accumulates on them. When rain falls, it drags the dirt down the screens and its weight, thus causing visible streaks of dirt and splotches. If you wish to address this problem once and for all, make it a point always to clean your windows screens.

Aggressively Scrubbing Carpet Stains

Carpets are great for comfort. They also offer a soft and welcoming feel to the feet. However, they are almost always on the receiving end of spills. If you have spilled wine or other colored material on your carpet, cleaning it as fast as possible is recommended. The main challenge, however, is how you go about the cleaning. When you aggressively scrub your carpet, you are doing less to remove the stain and more to force it in. Through aggressive scrubbing, you tend to force the stain deeper into the carpet fiber. You may also end up spreading the stain to other unaffected areas. To get the best results, carefully dab on the spot with a cloth and add a little cleaning agent or stain removal product to the affected area. This process, although it takes longer, offers a better result while also containing the stain.

Drowning in Cleaning Agents

Most homeowners believe that the success rate of their cleaning depends on the amount of cleaning agents used. This is not true. The more cleaning agents you use, the more expensive cleaning gets for you. To get the best outcome, you should adopt the “less is more” mantra. Using more detergent or cleaning agents than you should does more harm than good. First, you waste the cleaning agent; then, you waste water cleaning out the cleaning agent. There is also a possibility that you may be introducing a higher concentration of the cleaning agent to the surface, thus damaging it.

For every cleaning task, begin with a little cleaning agent, then add more as needed. Doing this will help you to remain conscious of what you have used while not being stingy.

Applying Magic Eraser on the Wrong Things

There are different kinds of cleaning agents on the market. One of those cleaning agents is the magic eraser. As the name suggests, it erases stains and scuffs off surfaces like walls. This product works like magic and has been praised by many users. However, you may find that you do not share the same success story if you apply it on the wrong surface. It is not unusual to find homeowners misusing these products then complaining of no results. Get creative with this cleaner by using it mildly on dirty sneakers, bathroom walls, and other dirty surfaces.

Note that magic cleaners often contain coarse particles that could damage shiny surfaces like stainless steel and glass when used repeatedly.

Keeping your home clean and hygienic is a commitment to make for improved health and wellness. To learn more about the tips and tricks to keep your home clean or to know more about cleaning service companies and how they help, visit https://bluespringcleaning.com/

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