5 Tricks To Involve Your Family In The Cleaning Chores

Regular house cleaning can be a challenge in the bustling “Mile-High City” of Denver, where life tends to be hectic. But fear not, for a tidy home doesn’t have to be out of reach, even amidst a busy schedule. Besides considering the option of hiring a recurring cleaning service, there’s a fantastic solution right within your household: involving your entire family in the cleaning chores. By assigning tasks and getting everyone on board, you can transform cleaning into a team effort that not only lightens the load but also strengthens the bond among family members. Discover five clever tricks to effectively engage your family in the housework and keep your home spick and span!

Trick #1. Write down an easy-to-follow schedule

If you have separated chores in your household before, you likely know that the challenging part is to follow the plan. Making an easy-to-follow schedule will help everyone understand what they are supposed to clean, especially if you are assigning chores to your kids!

You can print a chore chart and place it where everyone can see it—for example, on the fridge’s door. 

Trick #2. Let everyone be in charge of at least one chore

If you want to involve children or busy household members in the cleaning chores, this is the best way to do it. Your family members will help out and feel responsible without spending too much of their time. Also, you can cross out several tasks on your to-do list!

Here are two ways you can divide the chores: 

  • Ask each household member for help with just one chore.
  • Let everyone choose and take care of one task.


Everyone can help, but not in the same way. If you have children at home, make sure the tasks they take care of are suitable for their age!  

Trick #3. Rotate the most dreaded chores

If there are tasks nobody likes, it would be unfair to leave them to just one person. Why not make them rotating chores? For example, you can scrub the toilet one week and let your partner tackle that chore the following week.  

When members of a household have similar activities, rotating the chores is an easy way to ensure everyone helps to keep the house clean. 

Trick #4. Teach others what you already know

If you take care of the housework, surely you know how to clean your home, and you can teach it! Everyone could benefit from learning a few cleaning tricks, especially the younger members of your household. 

Instead of assigning cleaning chores, teach about germs and healthy living to your children. You will get their attention without needing rewards!

Trick #5. Play cleaning games to make it fun

Most kids will avoid chores because the tasks are repetitive and, truth be told, too boring for them. However, cleaning can be fun! What about a race to find out who can pick up toys faster? 

Play one of these fun cleaning games, and your children won’t even know they are helping you with the chores!

Hire a cleaning service and stop worrying about the chores!

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