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BlueSpring Cleaning, a cleaning company serving Pueblo, Colorado, is a team of expert cleaners with epic cleaning services. All our cleaners are vetted and have the requisite skills of handling our machines when cleaning your property. Quality service is our motto with a vision to have clean residential and commercial properties within Boulder, Colorado. Ours is taking pride in detailed cleaning and leaving sparkling clean homes at the end of our service.

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Our Boulder house cleaning is formulated to give you a better home within the shortest time possible. While you may want to jungle office work with house cleaning, it's better if you outsource the cleaning and focus on the office tasks. Our cleaning team will act swiftly while you create more time to make money, bond with your family, and do much more. Reach us, and get the cleaning job done swiftly.


Our cleaners are the best amongst the top vetted cleaners in Colorado. They are qualified to handle all your cleaning needs owing to the vast experience we have cleaning Boulder properties. When you contact us, our cleaning crew arrives at your preferred location to address the cleaning needs on time. Besides, they know the best ways to do the cleaning job with all the essential cleaning supplies. No stone is left unturned when delivering our Boulder cleaning service.


Having the maiden service, "customer support," your help clicks away when you contact us for cleaning help. It doesn't have to bother you with the size of the house; tap the button, and our cleaning crew will be on their way to do their magic revamp. The only needed guideline is giving the specifications of the rooms needing cleaning with other relevant information or guidelines you need to be addressed. Ours is to pick your commands and execute the actions fully for great satisfaction.


Whichever payment method you want, we present various ways to remunerate us after the noble service. We have secure online payment solutions that suit both of us. All you do is pay up after service completion at all times.

Cleaning Services We Offer

For all your house cleaning needs, we guarantee reliable, consistent, and high-quality service. We pride our home cleaning service on the standard checklist that includes:

Kitchen Cleaning

The nerve center of a functional home, your kitchen deserves to be clean and hygienic at all times. Our crew begins our comprehensive cleaning service by wiping surfaces and windows, disinfecting doors and windows, emptying the dustbin, removing molds and cobwebs, cleaning kitchen furniture, and more.

Dining Room / Living Areas

Your living area is the masterpiece of attraction and traffic in a home. We master this and offer a comprehensive cleaning service to ensure it remains function serving the interior purpose.

Bedroom Cleaning

For a cozy feeling, we offer detailed cleaning to give you a peaceful rest at home. We make beds, wipe baseboards, remove cobwebs, and many more when you contact us for a clean and organized bedroom.

Bathroom Cleaning

We offer detailed services covering window sills, toilet seats, glasses, bathroom mirrors, countertops, and vanities to give a sparkling bathroom all the time for all your bathroom needs.

More On Pueblo, Colorado & Fun Facts.

Whether you are visiting Pueblo for an occasion, work or vacation, this article will give you some background knowledge and a few ideas of what to do when you get there. Once you get your travel, accommodation, and Pueblo house cleaning organized in advance, everything else will fall in place.


With more travellers opting out of hotels and choosing alternative housing options, it is becoming more common to consider Pueblo cleaning service for your accommodation choice. If you made arrangements for a short lease or an Airbnb, you should also consider hiring a reputable Pueblo cleaning company to care for all your needs.


Pueblo is on the front range of the Rocky Mountains and is roughly 100 miles south of Denver. It sits on the Great Plains (western edge) in the high desert terrain of Southern Colorado. Pueblo has the typical four seasons prevalent in the United States. Sunshine is commonplace throughout the year because Pueblo is a high desert climate with an annual total of about 3470. 

Precipitation is little even during the winter months. Pueblo receives about 12 inches of rainfall annually, which is average for a semiarid climate. Winter nights are harsher than days in Pueblo. There is no heavy snow because of the high altitude and intense sun. Snow melts quickly and does not remain on the ground for more than two days before melting away.

Early History

Pueblo is steeped in American frontier history as far back as 1842 when a plaza known as El Pueblo was built as a trading post by fur trappers. The plaza was abandoned in 1854 after an attack by Apache Indians left about 15 men dead and ended with the capture of two children and one woman. In 1859, El Pueblo came alive once again after the Colorado Gold Rush. 

Modern Pueblo

Today’s city of Pueblo is a consolidation of four towns Pueblo, South Pueblo, Central Pueblo, and Bessemer. The consolidation process happened between 1870 and 1894. The city rapidly gained a reputation as a center for agriculture and trade. Later in the 1900s, Pueblo became a giant steel manufacturing town. 

Interesting Fact About Pueblo, Colorado

Pueblo, Colorado, is also known as the home heroes. Pueblo earned this tagline because it has more Medal of Honour recipients per capita than any other city in the United States. The city of Pueblo has been home to four medals of honor recipients over the years, a fete no other city can claim. 

Pueblo is also referred to as the steel city because it is one of the largest steel-producing cities in the United States. Due to the large number of workers required in the steel plants, there is a healthy racial diversity in Pueblo.

A Colorado survey revealed that Pueblo is the least expensive option for residential real estate amongst all the major cities in the state. According to the 2014 cost of living index, Pueblo is the sixth most affordable place to live in the United States. Pueblo consistently ranks below the national average in housing, utilities, goods, transportation, services, groceries, and healthcare.

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