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We are Expert Cleaners. When you talk of expertise, BlueSpring Cleaning should come to your mind. We offer impeccable service courtesy of expert cleaners. As agreed, we arrive at the stipulated date and time, get down to work, ensure you get the needed satisfaction then walk out of the air.

Call us and let magic unravel before you! We are an excited team to relieve you of the cleaning burden. We rescue you through our top-notch services from the heavy cleaning laden on the shoulders as per your liking. It’s simple, like taking a cup of tea; contact us today and let the sparkling clean home magic unravel before your eyes.

Why Us?

Expert Cleaners

All of our Colorado Springs House Cleaning staff are expert cleaners. They have undergone the required training to deliver top-notch service to all our clients in Colorado. When you contact us, we assure you that you relax on your couch or engage in other duties while our skilled cleaners do their thing. They know the inside and outside cleaning of your home, leaving it spotless.

Safety First

A reason we vet our cleaners and ensure that the ones who merit our test are the ones mandated to take up cleaning duties. Besides having expert cleaners, we know how much you value the security of your home. We can't allow strangers to walk into your property, causing harm to your family or damaging the property. Ours is to send cleaners we have their identity checks and are knowledgeable on safety measures.

Seamless Communication

When you choose us to clean your house, we ensure you're updated from the start of the task till completion through our online communication channel. If you want to have a program change, we allow you to switch dates to that of your convenience—a reason to have us keep you updated on everything happening in your home when we take charge.

Cash-Free Payment

With the presence of the deadly coronavirus, we try to prevent the spread by offering alternative payment options like Skrill, Payoneer, PayPal, and many more. Every payment is made after a task, a reason you need not worry about anything. Besides, the payment options are safe and secure, and you shouldn't worry about your finances when engaging us.

Easy Help

Our services are designed for every home, that's why we are the renowned cleaning company in Colorado. You can book your cleaning via our maiden booking platform and specify the rooms to be cleaned. This helps us know the exact number of cleaners to send your way to address the task.

Kitchen Cleaning

The nerve center of a functional home, your kitchen deserves to be clean and hygienic at all times. Our crew begins our comprehensive cleaning service by wiping surfaces and windows, disinfecting doors and windows, emptying the dustbin, removing molds and cobwebs, cleaning kitchen furniture, and more.

Dining Room / Living Areas

Your living area is the masterpiece of attraction and traffic in a home. We master this and offer a comprehensive cleaning service to ensure it remains function serving the interior purpose.

Bedroom Cleaning

For a cozy feeling, we offer detailed cleaning to give you a peaceful rest at home. We make beds, wipe baseboards, remove cobwebs, and many more when you contact us for a clean and organized bedroom.

Bathroom Cleaning

We offer detailed services covering window sills, toilet seats, glasses, bathroom mirrors, countertops, and vanities to give a sparkling bathroom all the time for all your bathroom needs.

More On Greeley, Colorado, & Fun Facts.

Are you relocating to Greeley, Colorado permanently or simply traveling there for work, business, or an occasion? If so, this article will give you a lot of information and exciting facts about Greeley, Colorado. After organizing your travel and accommodation in advance, all you need to do is arrive and have an excellent time.

The City of Greeley is a college town and is home to Aims Community College and the University of Northern Colorado. It has a thriving economy that is rooted in food processing and agriculture. Greeley featured as number 33 on the 2015 Forbes List of The Best Places For Business And Careers. In 2016, Greeley was also featured on the Top 10 Affordable Places to Live list compiled by


If you have booked a room in one of the reputable hotels, they will undoubtedly offer the best Greeley cleaning service at your beck and call. If you have opted for a short lease or an Airbnb, you should consider an experienced Greeley cleaning company that offers excellent Greeley house cleaning services. When you organize such services in advance, you will be more focused and concentrate on the purpose of your trip.


Greeley is located in Weld County, just 60 miles north of the state capital Denver and has a total area of 30 square miles, of which 0.1 square miles is water and the rest is land. It is in the High Plains of northern Colorado and is about 25 miles from the Rocky Mountains. The City Of Greeley shares a southerly border with Garden City and the town of Evans. The south of Greeley is bounded by the South Platte River, while North Greeley has the Cache la Poudre River. You can access the City of Greeley through US Route 84 and US Route 34.

Restaurants and Retailers

Greeley offers a wide variety of excellent dining options for you. Great examples are the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, The Mad Cow Saloon and Eatery, The Jager Bar and Pizzeria, Cranford Cove Tea Tavern, and Patrick’s Pub. Visitors to Greeley enjoy the hospitality, friendly nature, and environments to be appreciated in small-town businesses.

There are many shopping destinations in Greeley for you to consider. Visitors enjoy shopping for antique furniture and unique home decor at Lincoln Park Emporium. Downtown Greeley also boasts the presence of Colorado’s second oldest shoe store that has been open since 1922. Hearne’s Fine Goods is a family-owned store that sells stylish clothing, accessories, and shoes.

Special Events and Festivals

The Arts Picnic is a two-day event held in Lincoln Park on the last weekend of July. It is a vibrant event that draws locals, residents from neighboring areas, and many tourists. The event usually features a beer garden featuring many craft breweries, a food court with local and exotic cuisine, multiple artists’ booths, two stages featuring live entertainment and a kids’ entertainment area. Warm weather months in Greeley usually witness a weekly Friday Fest that brings locals together.
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